Christoph Korn / performance

series invisible (live) | long durational audio work

All the "deletion notes" realized since 2004 as part of the project "series invisible" ( by Christoph Korn and Lasse-Marc Riek were read and followed by silences corresponding to the·durations notated

The 24 hour long Performance took place at "Klangraum 2016", Duesseldorf, curated by Antoine Beuger

voices: Antoine Beuger, Swen Buckner, Axel Ganz, Christoph Korn, Claas Morgenroth, Lasse-Marc Riek, Sabine Waffender, Manfred Waffender,·Sylvia Alexandra Schimag, Anne Wissmann,·Hannah Wissmann, Paula·Wissmann