Christoph Korn / radioplay and intermedia works

Difference (2009) | radioplay

Photo: Searching for something which already disappeared. The mountain area Gavieira in Minho, Portugal. Here -40 years ago-,Michel Giacometti made a tape recording of a lament sung by a “Carpideira” at a funeral service

The object of the audio work "Difference" is a recording of the lament - Melopeia de Carpideira - made by the Portuguese musicologist Michel Giacometti in the remote mountainous region Minho 40 years ago. Christoph Korn went to this mountainous region again, in order to search for this song(which, as was expected, has nearly vanished).

The audio work "Difference" does not deal with finding the song, but rather with the search. It is not about reconstruction at all, but much more about the process of approaching. It is about the difference that the vanished and the vanishing create to the one approaching; about the silence, the empty space, the place-less in this.

Permiere: 5/2009 Museum of Modern Art, Fundação de Serralves, Porto (PT)

Premiere broadcasting: 9/2010 by DeutschlandRadio (D)